Start-up / Commissioning2019
Capacity1246 SCFM of biogas (2,000 Nm³/hr raw biogas)
664 SCFM of RNG (1,067 Nm³/hr biomethane)
Methane concentration in raw biogas52 %
Methane concentration in product gas97%

Efficiency> 99,5%
Type installationPurePac Grand

Murrow, England

Bright Biomethane installed a high-capacity biogas upgrading system in Murrow, England. This first PurePac Grand installation comes with 6” membranes, which allow higher upgrading flow of Renewable Natural Gas than the regular 4” membranes – while maintaining the compact size of the installation. The installation comes in two containers and two skids, taking up little space at the premises.

Producing 664 SCFM of RNG (1,067 Nm3/hr biomethane) and 328 million ft3 RNG annually, the installation supplies roughly 6,200 British households with energy and heat from RNG all around the year. In addition to injecting RNG into the gas grid, the RNG, also known as green gas, can be compressed for the production of CNG.

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