Start-up / CommissioningMarch, 2020
Capacity155 SCFM of biogas (250 Nm³/hr raw biogas)
93 SCFM of RNG (149 Nm³/hr biomethane)
Methane concentration in raw biogas58%
Methane concentration in product gas97%

Efficiency> 99%
Type installationPurePac Compact

Lappeenranta, Finland

Bright Biomethane constructed a PurePac Arctic biogas upgrading system in Finland. The system facilitates production of Renewable Natural Gas from biogas, which is produced from various waste residues.

This system produces 93 SCFM of RNG (149 Nm3/hr biomethane) from 155 SCFM biogas (250 Nm3/hr raw biogas). The produced RNG is directed to the nearby gas stations where it functions as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel. The systems adds an odorant so the gas can’t escape unnoticed which makes it safe to use.

In addition to the production of RNG, the system can also be extended with a Bright CO₂-liquefaction system to recover and liquefy the CO₂.

More information

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