Start-up / CommissioningMarch, 2020
Capacity250 SCFM of biogas (405 Nm³/hr raw biogas)
152 SCFM of RNG (245 Nm³/hr biomethane)
Methane concentration in raw biogas50 – 65%
Methane concentration in product gas97%

Efficiency> 99%
Type installationPurePac Medium

Wilson, New York (US)

Delivery of the RNG systems is part of a big revamp project from partner Martin Energy Group, including an overhaul on five existing digesters and replacing the CHP’s with Bright’s RNG technology.

This system produces 152 SCFM of RNG (245 Nm3/hr biomethane) from 250 SCFM of biogas (405 Nm3/hr raw biogas), but can be extended to produce more RNG.

The produced RNG is both injected into the national grid and transported trough a virtual pipeline. This virtual pipeline technology allows to compress and transport gas in a mobile unit to a gas injection point (CNG/LNG fueling station), when there is no gas grid injection point available at the production location, and to deliver it at the right pressure.

In addition to the production of RNG, the system can also be extended with a Bright CO₂-liquefaction system to recover and liquefy the CO₂.

More information

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