Meet Bright Biomethane in the US at BioCycle REFOR19 (28-31 Oct.)

Need the perfect solution for organic waste to renewable natural gas? Talk to us at the BioCycle REFOR19 conference in Madison (Wisconsin) in the US. Find Bright Biomethane at stand 14 (shared stand with HoSt Bioenergy Systems).

The annual REFOR19 exhibition will be held from 29 to 31 of October at the Madison Marriott West, and is the only national biogas conference for the biogas industry where you get the chance to establish valuable connections with AD industry trendsetters and renewable energy businesses.

Renewable natural gas systems

Bright Biomethane offers a total renewable natural gas system solution. Bright’s biogas purification systems upgrade biogas, using membrane technology, to renewable natural gas in the capacity starting from 25 cfm biogas flow. Applying a Bright COrecovery system, the COthat is removed from the biogas can be recovered and liquefied to produce food-grade CO2, creating an extra source of revenue for the plant owner.

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