Bright RNG and CBA building North America’s Biogas Sector

Bright Biomethane joined the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) as member in October 2020. The CBA is a good connection between the public and private sector and advocates for policy to help biogas development. The CBA featured Bright Biomethane North America this month with an in-depth interview with Bright’s North America representative John Hawkes.

“We recognize that the CBA has established credibility over 13 years with a consistent approach to advocacy and demonstrated a good ability to move with the times and changes in the market”, says  John Hawkes.

A notable Bright project is the Yellowjacket Renewable Natural Gas project in New York State involving five farm biogas projects. It is a virtual pipeline system where one farm is connected to the grid and the other four have a virtual pipeline connection. The biogas is upgraded to RNG at each site and compressed to transport via truck to the central physical pipeline connection.

John Hawkes will be providing more detail on this project in the conference presentation at the 2021 Value of Biogas April Conference on April 27th.

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