Bright at Value of Biogas April

Bright Presenting the YellowJacket projects at the ‘Value of Biogas’ Conference

Bright Biomethane will be represented by John Hawkes at the virtual Value of Biogas conference hosted by the Canadian Biogas Association. John will showcase a presentation to introduce our activities and talk about the recent YellowJacket projects.

During the “Doing it Right – Project Case Studies” on April 27 at 4pm our North America representative John Hawkes will expand about the YellowJacket projects. Furthermore our optimized regional sourcing strategy, the ins and outs, advantages and technology of our modular biogas upgrading systems for the production of renewable natural gas / biomethane, our CO2 recovery systems, and financing solutions will be explained.

The YellowJacket 5 site project in upstate NY features multiple dairy farms, refurbished digesters and virtual pipeline economics. These projects have been running for over a year. Information about the service experience, technical and commercial challenges over the first 12 months of the project will be explained.

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