Bright Biomethane to build biomethane system in Veendam, Netherlands

Bright Biomethane is the contractor for the construction of the new biomethane installation (600 Nm3/hr biomethane) with membrane technology for ‘Bio-Energie Veendam’ (Bioenergy Veendam) in Veendam, northern Netherlands. The first biomethane with natural gas quality is expected to be delivered in the spring of 2019.

“In this project, we engineered a flexible, multifunctional biomethane system which can easily alternate between two methane concentrations of the biomethane and with or without THT odorant injection to give the biomethane the distinctive gas smell“, says sales director Maarten Holtkamp. This flexible biogas upgrading system is necessary, because the biomethane with 97% methane concentration without THT odorant is supplied directly to the neighbouring factory of magnesium salt producer Nedmag. Biomethane with a methane concentration of 89% with THT odorant can be supplied to the national gas grid to guarantee receipt of biomethane when Nedmag is not able to do so.

The biomethane plant will produce over 5.25 million Nm3 biomethane annually (600 Nm3/hr), that will be expanded in the near future to over 8.75 million biomethane (1,000 Nm3/hr).

Sustainable energy contribution

Bioenergy systems play an increasingly important role in the market of renewable energy. Bright Biomethane has the mission to upgrade biogas steams released from biologic waste to a methane-rich product gas, also known as biomethane, to contribute sustainably to the growing global energy demand and contribute to the increasement of this increasingly role in the world of renewables.