Bright Biomethane nominated for British Renewable Energy Awards (BREA)

We are thrilled to announce that Bright Biomethane is nominated for the British Renewable Energy Awards (BREA) in the ‘Smart Energy Systems Award’ category.

The prize will be awarded for a “system that supports the roll-out, or take-up, of renewable energy and energy storage whilst enhancing value and usefulness”, as described by organizer Renewable Energy Association (REA).

Bright Biomethane’s Smart Energy System

Bright Biomethane’s biogas upgrading systems wouldn’t work as excellent without its smart operating system that ensures biomethane-to-grid within a few minutes after start-up. It also ensures the highest up-time, i.e., the Wobbe-index and methane range can be quickly adjusted without disconnecting from the grid. Continuous monitoring and actively adjusting the flow and quality of the biomethane ensures a stable quality of the product gas and low maintenance.