Bright at RNG Forum 2022, Drummondville Canada

Bright is attending the RNG Forum 2022 on April 6-7, organized by BiogasWorld, in Drummonville, Canada. Make sure to attend and meet our expert in biogas upgrading and learn what is the best solution for your project in North America. Bright biogas upgrading technology includes integrated virtual pipeline technology, 24/7 local service and maintenance, RNG-to-grid, and bio-CNG and bio-LNG.

Bright also offers in-house CO2 liquefaction technology for food-grade liquid CO2, and carbon capture technology that capture CO2 from flue gas of combustion plants.

RNG Forum 2022 aims to bring together and empower all stakeholders of the RNG industry. The mission of the RNG Forum is to accelerate the sharing of knowledge and the generation of business opportunities to increase the quantity of RNG produced in Canada and all over the world.